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Diane von Furstenberg “I Vaguely Remember the SCAD.”

Diane von Furstenberg “I Vaguely Remember the SCAD.”

As we all know, Dear Leader is fond of telling faculty, prospective students, and anyone who will listen about the ‘close personal friendship’ that she holds with Ms. Diane von Furstenberg. Understandably, it came as quite a shock when the SCAD bubble discovered this week that Ms. Diane von Furstenberg, when asked about this special friendship, seemed at a loss.

Diane von Furstenberg claims that she “vaguely remembers the SCAD” and our Dear Leader with her Southern charms. She also said that what she does recall when thinking of “the SCAD” was this: “It was charming and quaint.”

SCAD’s team of crack public relations experts were quick to put a positive spin on Diane von Furstenberg’s commentary by reminding the faithful that ‘vaguely’ denotes ‘lacking definite shape, form or character,’ and that DvF used the word ‘charming’ when referring to our beloved SCAD.

“So what DvF appears to be saying,” said Polly Pinkweather, SCAD’s Director of Image Clarification and Preservation, “Is that DvF’s relationship with Dear Leader is evolving… er… ‘taking form’ if you will.”

SCAD Secrets took the liberty of emailing DvF’s social secretary to ask her about Dear Leader’s close personal friendship with DvF.

We received a prompt response from DvF headquarters:

“Ms. von Furstenberg did receive an award from the SCAD and does indeed recall a conversation with that charming porch lady. We are unable to comment further on the matter.”

SCAD’s fashion department will sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that Ms. Diane von Furstenberg remembers “the SCAD” and our Dear Leader.

(cue the music)

[photo] Diane von Furstenberg receives an award from “that porch women” our Dear Leader

From her porch at the Landings, Dear Leader reminded the SCAD community that she has many personal friendships (real and imagined) stating:“the highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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