SCAD: MFA is the new MBA

The MFA is the new MBA, or so says Fast Company, America’s best known and most respected higher education publication. SCAD’s crack team of business entrepreneurs is busily developing the next ‘MBA/MFA’ program exclusively for corporate executives. No word yet on its official name, but SCAD Secrets has heard from an unnamed source that it’s working name is ‘CRASS’ (Creative Resourceful Artistic Sensible Sagacity).

The SCAD CRASS MFA will take four days to complete and the course work will be designed with the busy corporate executive in mind. “There won’t be a lot of reading,” Said SCAD Institutional Quality Director, Sally Worth, “We find that reading just takes up too much time, so we will provide our executive students with audio summaries of all our material.”

Our Dear Leader is rumored to have taken the lead in the new program’s development by drawing on her extensive experience as a kindergarten teacher.

“Executives are a lot like 5 year olds,” says Ms. Marple, SCAD Director of New Opportunities and personal secretary to the Dear Leader, “So it makes sense that our Dear Leader should have her little fingers all over this project.”

When asked what distinguishes the SCAD MFA for executives from similar programs, Ms. Marple replied, “that’s simple: SCAD will provide individual attention in a positively oriented university environment… and we will provide them with lunch.”

The new degree program is slated to launch in Spring quarter of 2013. SCAD is keeping its initial enrollment numbers secret, as well as the names of the faculty who will be teaching in the program.

Professor Karl Komptant, SCAD design school’s elder statesmen appeared to be the most likely candidate to lead the new degree program. Professor Komptant  is well respect in his field, he has written numerous books on the topic, and he is a highly sought after speaker and expert in the field of ‘design thinking.’  However, in a shocking move, the Mad Turk nixed Professor Komtant’s roll in the program justifying his decision by stating: “Corporate executives don’t want to be taught creativity by an old guy, it’s… well, gross.”

Dear Leader held a press conference from her porch in the Landings and had this to say about the new Executive MFA program: “The highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

SCAD Secrets will continue to follow this story as further developments occur. We wish professor Komptant the best of luck.

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