Fall Faculty Conference Speaker Announced!

The SCAD Faculty Conference is always a crowd pleaser

Jebediah Lehrer expected to address faculty during the fall quarterly faculty conference. The faculty conference is a greatly antiquated event to which all faculty are required to attend each quarter. This fall the featured speaker—Jebediah Lehrer (brother of disgraced SCAD wonder-boy Jonah Lehrer) will discuss his idea for a book, “How to be more creative on demand.” The SCAD PR department will assist Mr. Lehrer in aligning the speech to SCAD values and expectations for the quarter.
The Lehrer brothers are a perennial favorite at SCAD. Unfortunately Mr. Jonah Lehrer, has recently had some trouble with facts. Due to his exposure in falsifying quotes for his last book, he will not be asked back to speak to SCAD’s faculty.
Readers will recall that Jonah Lehrer was instrumental in Dear Leader’s recent appearance in Wired magazine. “We had to have him speak four times before we had an opening into Wired magazine—fourth time’s a charm!” said Anna Karenina, former personal assistant to our Dear Leader.
Readers of Wired were delighted to read Dear Leader’s porch comments, as well as her recipe for low country gourmet yams.
With the guest faculty conference speaker announced early this year, the only other announcement we are anxiously awaiting is ‘who will be the 2013 commencement speaker?’ The Fashion department’s money is on Cher.