John Paul Rowen SCAD (refined rogue)

Tik Leads SCAD Hong Kong from The Landings

Tik (AKA John Paul Rowen) enjoys some golf while running the SCAD Hong Kong campus

Thanks to the wonders of virtual communication and SCAD’s corporate jet, Vice President Tik is able to run SCAD’s entire Hong Kong campus from a poolside command post at his Southern-Traditional home in The Landings.

As the son and Appointed Successor of our Dear Leader, we naturally expect great things from Tik. But his poolside direction of Hong Kong marks a new step in Global outreach.

“His masterful guidance of a campus half a world away should come as no surprise!” observes Sue Anne Nivens, the perky Dean of SCADlite™—SCAD’s recently launched off-the-rack outlet brand. “I’ve been to the Hong Kong campus to tape my blockbuster cooking course, Wontons for Westerners and WASPs, and I’m just so impressed by Dear Tik’s poolside leadership! You would think he actually lives there!

Following Dear Leader’s maternal precedent, Tik likes to stay close to his students. Thus, he finds that, given that none of them enrolled at the Hong Kong campus are currently from Asia, it makes more sense to stay at The Landings in Georgia.

“We learned early on that no Chinese students wanted to pay our American tuition fees when they could go to an American school in America,” Tik explained recently to shareholders. “But then, having lived near the Red Menace for so long, our Hong Kong market just never had much exposure to the brand promises of SCAD and SCADentology™. That will change.”

For now, SCAD’s Hong Kong students come from the suburbs of Atlanta and SCAD’s flagship campus in Savannah. It is these Georgians who will carry the magic of SCAD to the Far East. In the long-term, SCAD’s Manifest Destiny lies on Asian shores.  With Dear Tik’s enlightened remote direction and continuing local subsidies, SCAD Hong Kong will one day have Asian students.

Tik (AKA John Paul Rowen) tours SCAD’s empty  Hong Kong Campus to observe SCAD’s learning in action

Having lived in Hong Kong at the Peninsula Hotel for over two months when the campus opened in 2009, Dear Tik is just the man to open China for SCAD. “I guess you could say I’m an old China Hand,” he recently joked with this reporter. And, to share his insider knowledge, Tik is just putting the finishing touches on his new website. How to Be an Old China Hand, soon to be found at:

Like SCAD’s Hong Kong Campus, the new website is sure to be an instant hit with Americans, if not Asians right away. And of course, Dear Tik is writing the whole website from…you guessed it…poolside at his home in The Landings. “It just makes so much sense to stay close to our student-customers and the six wonderful golf courses that we have here on Skidaway Island,” Tik says. Indeed, this manicured gated community seems to inspire Tik’s genius because it was also at his poolside here that he wrote his original blockbuster website, How to Be a Southern Gentleman (

From her porch next door at The Landings, Dear Leader encouraged all members of the SCAD community to spend an academic quarter at the Hong Kong campus. “The highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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