Ogelthorpe House Protein Bricks

Sue Anne Nivens, new Dean of SCADlite

Cooking with Sue Anne

Sue Anne Nivens, noted television personality, Dean of SCADlite™, and Dear Leader’s personal chef is now a regular contributor to SCADsecrets. Thank you Sue Anne!

There’s no such thing as a starving art student with these protein-packed treats!
At Ogelthorpe House, SCAD’s feisty frosh work hard and play hard. And, heaven knows their creative lives  take a lot of energy! So recently I teamed up with SCAD’s food services to whip up these protein wonders that pack a punch.
Using the finest animal stock feed grains and protein powder, these fiber-filled filets are a clever substitute for meat, eggs, and vegetables in the SCAD food plan. And, by maximizing volume and minimizing menu medleys, they’re profitable too.
Not surprisingly, this is one of our Dear Leader’s all-time favorites….
(1000 servings)
500 pounds corn meal and corn meal by-products
25 pounds protein powder
45 gallons silage (liquefied corn)
55 pounds borax (for binding)
50 pounds circus peanuts and shells
sugar to taste
Mix all ingredients in trough and bake over coals for three hours or until suitably hard. Allow to cool then dump trough-shaped chunk onto wooden surface and use medium-sized chain saw to cut into bricks first cutting vertically and then horizontally.

Serve with powdered milk and water.