What to do when People Say False Things: Tips for Life from Dear Leader and Dr.Phil

Every TV in Key Hall was reserved to tape Dear Leader’s show

“People who dare to change the world are often subject to unfair attack” observes the celebrated TV host and guru Dr. Phil on a recent show.

“And I should know,” he adds. “It’s been happening to me for years and it’s been happening to my dear friend, Dear Leader. Perhaps it’s jealousy of our magnificent successes, perhaps its simple fear. But falsehoods happen.”

SCAD’s Dear Leader has generously worked with Dr. Phil to develop a series of lessons for all people who are victims of unfair accusations. As the Founder of SCADentology™, the transformative approach to life and wealth that she discovered many years ago while on a meditation retreat in France, Dear Leader has helped her friend Dr. Phil through the trials and tribulations of his own growing wealth and TV stardom.

“They’re on the phone practically every other day,” says the Mad Turk, SCAD’s Chief Financial Officer. “She has her staff tape Dr. Phil’s show every morning so that she can give him constructive criticism.”

Recently, with a rising tide of bizarre and unfounded SCAD “Secrets” appearing in the blogosphere, Dear Leader decided that it was time that she and Dr. Phil shared their wisdom for all.

False accusations and gossip by jealous friends, enemies, and mentally-disturbed former SCAD administrators can destroy lives, even if the accused is innocent.

Dr. Phil and Dear Leader offer the following advice to take your power back:

Life Law #1: When Your Power is Questioned:

Accept that there is no way you can erase what has happened. The situation is real. You need to get out of denial about that in order to deal with it in the here and now.

Watch your catastrophic language. If you keep screaming out in your office things like:

This is “horrible! How are they getting this information? Where is the leak? and the classic, “Somebody is feeding them!”—you only add to your stress and empower your enemies.

Remember that you are truly Good. Only a Leader who is visibly angry and seems caught with her pants down is genuinely “weak”.  Perhaps your own situation isn’t as tragic as it seems. Change your internal dialogue.

Only after you have calmed down are you ready to take action.  Summon your lawyers to frighten, intimidate, and interrogate your staff. Hire consultants to interrogate former faculty and staff about those unfair leaks.  Get out your enemies list, that is what it is there for

Simple steps like this will make you will feel much better. But you have to own the situation. You can’t always control how you feel, especially when falsely attacked. But you can control your actions.

Life Law #2: You Create Your Own Experience

Look inward—the first person you’ve got to repair your reputation with is you. Are you a bad person? Are you a bad citizen? Do you hurt people? Do you commit crimes?

Of course not!

Stop feeling guilty and being angry with yourself. Own your behavior, forgive yourself and don’t continue to beat yourself up.  You are, after all the Leader, the one in charge. The world should be thankful to you, not the other way around.

Now it is time to focus on your inner circle. Start your interrogations with your family, close friends and neighbors. Make sure that they know who is in charge. When your inner circle knows who holds all the cards, they will go out into the world with your truth; and it will create a ripple effect of fear among the cattle.

Life Law #3: You Teach People How to Treat You

Dr. Phil and Dear Leader agree on this simple maxim:

If you walk into the world and you’re civil, modest and forward thinking—if you kind of don’t want to abuse your position and you are fair, then people will treat you that way.

You’ve got to decide, am I in charge or not? Have I owned my bad decision or the misguided anger that someone holds against me?  Once you can answer these questions, you’re ready to shout out: “I am not going to hang my head in shame!”

That’s the fundamental way for you to get through this. You have to be your own best friend; and you have to decide who you are at the core. Then you will teach people how to treat you.

Life Law #4: Petty Workplace Temper Tantrums Diminish your Allure

Don’t fall into the trap of acting out with non-directional frustration, of screaming, accusing, and threatening others when things seem to leak out from the office. It makes you look silly and petty. Who knows where the leaks are coming from?

Maybe people are just making them up, posting them on the Internet, and accidentally hitting the truth sometimes. Maybe, it’s all an illusion and you’re just over-wrought.

So calm down! Meditate. Hug your dog. Walk barefoot in the grass.

Leaks and tantrums and office stress and more tantrums can become a deadly cycle. Nip it in the bud!

Remember that the enemy isn’t your loved ones and devoted co-workers; it’s the outside world. So why put on a happy face for the public and a mean one for those you love the most?


From her porch at The Landings, Dear Leader expressed her favorite way to create her own experience and begin to forgive herself by stating: “The highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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