Paula Wallace Ultimate Grand Supreme SCAD

SCAD Fall Quarter Faculty Pageant Buzz!

Paula Wallace Ultimate Grand Supreme SCAD
Dear Leader will present the Ultimate Grand Supreme crown to the winning department on Friday.

The quarterly faculty pageant is less than one week away and already the pageant goers are a-buzz by the front-runner, and favorite to take home the much coveted “Ultimate Grand Supreme” title… the SCAD FASHION department!

Clearly SCAD fashion has upped its game after a rather disappointing showing at the (oh-so-not-avant-guard enough for Dear Leader) fashion show last year. Lovely narratives of our student success stories in fashion will be shown to a wide-eyed, edge of the seat faculty: For example we will hear the story of  Amy Shlutschbut, color blind pattern specialist at Lilly Pulitzer, Mary Mccreedy, now the lead button faster at Tom Ford, and SCAD’s most recent graduate Samy Smitten, shoelace coordinator for the guy that knows someone who worked with Ralph Lauren.

The videos, speeches and accolades are sure to earn the fashion Department the fall quarters… Ultimate Grand Supreme title! See you all there!

Our theme this quarter is: “Building upwards with excellence!” (and porches)