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SCAD(ly) Madison

BREAKING NEWS: Pyongyang, Savannah.
Dear Leader, and President of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) took to the airwaves this morning to clarify why an estimated $18,742.87 of student tuition funds were used to pay for multiple Ashley Madison (Life is short, have an affair!) accounts.

It turns out that the Ashley Madison accounts tied to SCAD administrators were used for “academic research.”

The top administrators opened Ashley Madison accounts to test the effectiveness of the Ashley Madison ‘girl-bots,’ robotic users used to lure men into paying for membership to the Ashley Madison website.

“SCAD has been experimenting with the idea of replacing current faculty with ‘Faculty-Bots’ for many years now,” said Molly Mindful, Director of University Expansion, “All the tuition funds spent on Ashley Madison by the university administrators was used to explore the feasibility of such a scheme.”

The SCAD office of Public Appearance and Prettiness also issued a statement assuring the SCAD community that the Ashley Madison accounts are not related to the ongoing lawsuit involving inappropriate liaisons between SCAD administrates and members of the SCAD student body.


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