Paula Wallace fancies herself a visionary leader in art and design, and now you can hear the SCAD story—one of ingenuity and innovation—from the woman at the center of it all.

The Despot and the Piggy-Bank: A Memoir

The Despot and the Piggy-Bank
A Memoir by
Paula “Our Dear Leader” Walrus

In 1977,
“… the world was ready for something new,” writes the seventy-three year-old Paula Walrus, Savannah College of Art and Design President and Co-founder.

“All around us, dreamers were dreaming up new ideas: My extended family had just covered-up a serious pedophilia scandal, and my clog dancing days were long over. I was pushing forty when I discovered the benefits of government-backed student loans.”

What happened next would change the face of education. By joining Stalinist principles of management, obscene tuition costs, with the facade of higher learning—Paula managed to create for herself and her family a lucrative piggy-bank.

In The Despot and the Piggy-Bank, we journey with Walrus and her family to the crime-ridden coastal town of Savannah, where they set about creating the appearance of a university.

This tiny college would be radically different, buzzing with grossly under-qualified administrators, and abused faculty— Walrus forever altered what education should be.

Nearly forty years later, SCAD is one of the most tastefully decorated, over-hyped, and expensive art and design universities in the world, with dwindling campuses in Georgia, a Chinese ghetto, a farm in France, and online.

The Despot and the Piggy-Bank tells the story of how it all happened—from the special ‘woman’ at the center of it all.

Paula Wallace SCAD Master Bull Wrangler and Fasionista
Paula Walrus fancies herself as a visionary leader in art and design.

About the author
Ghost writer to the ’C’ and ‘D’ celebrity set—Ralph Mittlebottom of the NYT, spent three years sculpting Ms. Walrus’s crayon-infused chicken scratch of random nouns and occasional verbs into the semblance of the book you now hold in your hands.

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