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North Korean Pork Tenders

Sue Anne Nivens, new Dean of SCADlite

Cooking with Sue Anne

Sue Anne Nivens, noted television personality, Dean of SCADlite™, and Dear Leader’s personal chef is now a regular contributor to SCADsecrets. Thank you Sue Anne!

North Korean Pork Tenders

You’ll have your Central Committee rocking with this one pot sugary delight!

Once the Foreign Aid comes in, these tasty tenders are just the perfect famine-ender. And this is a flexible recipe too. If you run a little short on the ribs, you can always “stretch” the dish by adding more U.N. rice or a dollop of wood shavings.

Not surprisingly, this is one of our Dear Leader’s all-time favorites and is a mainstay at our SCAD receptions. It’s always party-time in Pyongyang when you set these porkies out!


 Six pounds pork or pork by-products

One pound Cuban sugar

One cup molasses (Chinese foreign aid variety if available)

One quarter bag of U.N. aid rice

Two cans condensed mushroom soup (US-AID variety preferred)

Vietnamese vinegar (to taste)


Mix all ingredients in pot and cook covered over coal heat for three hours. Then add rice and mushroom soup concentrate and boil at low for an additional hour. Serve with rice beer.