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SCAD Accused of Theft by Catholic Church!

In a surprising reversal of roles, the Catholic church took the initiative by becoming the plaintiff in what insiders are calling the ‘battle of the century.’ The catholic church is claiming that our Dear Leader lifted the SCAD Alma Mater from the Catholic Church’s traditional hymn “For All the Saints.”

Those familiar with SCAD’s Alma Mater are acutely aware that it was divinely inspired while Dear Leader was sitting under her porch in the Landings and that the Dear Leader’s natural musical ability makes any ‘lifting’ of other’s work unnecessary.

“The accusation is outrageous! Dear Leader has never lifted anything in her life,” Said  Hyacinth Bucket, SCAD Director of Public Relations, “Any suggestion to the contrary is slander, libel, blasphemy —pure and simple!”

Hyacinth Bucket, SCAD Director of Public Relations
Hyacinth Bucket, SCAD Director of Public Relations

We at SCAD Secrets will let the ears of our informed readers  be the judge:
SCAD Alma Mater Here | For all the Saint Here
[YOUTUBE id=”JyrS-IwQAWc” width=”120″ height=”100″][YOUTUBE id=”yGBrq-C5VYE” width=”120″ height=”100″]

Critics of Dear Leader were unavailable for comment as they have already been ‘thanked for their service’ and summarily dismissed. Scad Secrets see little similarity  between the two songs and wishes  Dear Leader success in this nuisance  lawsuit by a bully-church.

Dear Leader did not address the accusation of ‘lifting’ directly, but did speak to the importance of music on the SCAD campus from her porch in the Landings stating, “The highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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