SCAD Admissions Lowers Standards (Paula Wallace SCAD)

Lowered Expectations—the New High Road at SCAD

Lower Expectations—the New High Road at SCAD

Driven in part by alarmingly low levels of applications for undergraduate and graduate programs, SCAD has announced a new China Initiative: Operation Let-Them-All-In!

Operation Let-Them-All-In! is the brainchild of SCAD’s VP of eLearning, Acting Dean of Communications and some say Chair of Graphic Design, Peter Printer.  Inspired by his own lower than acceptable academic career, peter Printer has decided that high academic standards and rigorous academic admission requirements are hurting SCAD’s bottom line.  He has decided that, in order to provide students with the simpleton experience h enjoyed as a ‘student’ at SCAD, every department should now review rejected applicants and “let them all in!”

Behind the scenes, the administration has been over-turning every rejection made by departments for the past two years.  No longer will access to a SCAD education be based on ability (in both English or Art).  No longer will potential customers be turned away because industry experts (SCAD educators) snobbishly refuse to admit these applicants with little to no promise in their areas of study.

The SCAD administration has freed all applicants *(dating back over 24 months) and has retroactively admitted over 95% of the rejected applications.

 We at SCAD Secrets strongly support the announcement of Operation Let-Them-All-In! for several reasons including: 

1) Someone has to pay for the program.  

How dare potential customers be turned away because they lack the basic skill sets to be successful in the program?  Who the heck to these elitist (and most likely disgruntled) former administrators and department chairs think will pay for the further expansion of the SCAD brand?  It won’t be those talented students on scholarship—that’s for sure!

2) SCAD’s brand is already diluted; a little more water won’t hurt.

Lets face it, SCAD’s brand is diluted each time they open another outlet mall SCADlite™ store or graduate an online student that can’t design her way out of an online paper bag.  And so what? Our administration, many of whom barely made it out of SCAD’s graduate programs with a C average did okay—just look at our Holden Utsack, VP of SCAD eLearning who never completed a thesis project while a SCAD graduate student and graduated with a C average.

If our own administration doesn’t need high standards of scholarship and talent, why should we demand our graduate students achieve such high standards?  There are plenty of administrative positions opening at SCAD every year, not to mention the over 30 faculty positions that have been open for over two years.  Fill-up those positions with under-performing SCAD graduates.

 3) An empty seat is a wasted seat.  

Every time a seat is left empty due to low admission numbers, an angel doesn’t get her wings. Can you live with that?  Dear Leader cannot, and to her credit, she has taken the bull by the horns and is doing something about it— because of Dear leader’s low admission standards, there are more angles in heaven, (low country heaven) who are enjoying the freedom of flight. We are ready to soar. Take that School of Visual Arts!

From her porch at the Landings, she encouraged members of the SCAD community to let them all in by stating that “the highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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