SCAD Dean: School of Design

Designer, Dean, Family-Man, Transvestite: SCAD’s Dean of Design explores his feminine side as “The Lady Victoria”

Dean Vincent Victoria, leader of SCADs renowned School of Design and design award-winner, recently opened his new winter drag-queen act at Savannah’s Club One.

Known throughout the drag and fashion worlds as, “The Lady Victoria”, Dean Victoria cross-dresses as an international woman of leisure beloved for her soft voice and louche tastes in feathered fans and Asian outfits. Victoria’s winter-season debut was entirely sold-out with enthusiastic fans who basked in a female fusillade that blew the roof off Club One and awed younger drag queens. Dear Leader and her special friend “Joan” enjoyed the show and were in attendance in cognito as Bohemian milk maidens.

When asked about his true inspiration for The Lady Victoria, Dean Victoria waxes nostalgic about the creativity of SCAD, Savannah in general, and especially, that great celebrity, the Lady Chablis and her club:

“Club One’s unique drag-centered environment fosters innovation, intellectual wonder and critical problem-solving, motivating me to always challenge myself to do my best,” she observes, slipping back into character.

SCAD Dean: School of Design
SCAD’s Dean Lady Victoria honoring Singapore Airlines hostesses

One of the keys to the Lady Victoria’s success is her sense of Dear Leader’s “soft spot for Asians.”  And thus, over her last three drag season shows, Victoria has developed a brilliant series of Mikado-inspired characters of jaw-dropping beauty.

Beyond her superb sense of Oriental subtleties, the Lady Victoria thrills devotees with lavish floral displays and surprise gifts. After her famous opening fan sequence, she always throws to the crowd handfuls of  “I love the Lady Dean Victoria!” stickers for admirers to wear both at the Club and around town.

For the winter show, Lady Victoria is honoring Singapore Airlines hostesses with her own blue sari and traditional Malaysian folk songs. In the spring, she will portray a sophisticated geisha. Her fall show is sure to become another blockbuster when, in recognition of SCAD’s cross-marketing with Disney, she will perform as Mulan.

Meanwhile, for this winter’s Singapore show, Victoria made the dramatic design choice not to shave off her prominent mustache and round cartouche. Instead, complementing her Singapore Air theme, she dyed her signature facial hair rouge.

Feminist scholars throughout SCAD and at rival art schools are bowled over by the political acuity Dean Lady Victoria’s art. Yet, in speaking with this reporter, she displays his/her characteristic modesty.

“Ah yes, my art form,” she says in a whispered voice, “it is all part of my personal growth-path to develop and nurture my feminine-side.”

In the fall semester, Dean Victoria will be co-teaching a graduate seminar with visiting star professor Camille Paglia entitled:

Cross-Dressing, Vaginal-Empowerment, and Sustainable Fiber Design”

From her porch at the Landings, Dear Leader encouraged members of the SCAD community to accept their feminine side stating: “the highest and best use of a front porch is to enable and encourage the art of conversation. We entertain ourselves with stories on the porch. We invite people in. We sit. We visit.”

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