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IRS Audits Savannah College of Art and Design!

SCAD NEEDS YOUR HELP as Government Thugs Invade Savannah Campus!
Savanah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has been invaded by the IRS. A loathsome group of Federal Bureaucrats are auditing SCAD over alleged “financial irregularities” and “misappropriation” of tuition dollars.

Calling All Bees!
The IRS is a formidable foe. The IRS agents have managed to tape together documents faster than SCAD has been able to shred them.

SCAD has issued plea to all SCAD BEES “Return to Savannah!” and help SCAD in the shredding of incriminating documents.

What is at STAKE?
We must preserve” SCAD’s alleged tradition of using student tuition money in any way they see fit.

Traditions like:

  1. Paying our Dear Leader $250,000.00 a month.
  2. Gifting free flights to France and NYC on private aircraft for SCAD Board members, their friends, and their families,
  3. Paying millions to the Dear Leader’s children, her ’husband,’ her special ‘lady friend’ and her extended family,
  4. Keeping Dear Leader in Louis Vuitton clogs, custom wigs, and facial surgery upkeep,
  5. The hiring of private investigators to gather negative intel on “rouge” faculty and administrators,
  6. Paying for the off-site storage to house negative intel files of “rouge” faculty and administrator (see #5),
  7. Supporting Dear Leader’s addle-brained son, Tik with a $25,00.00 a month salary.

These are a few of the perks that must be hidden in order to preserve SCAD’s unique and special culture.

Savannah College of Art and Design IRS Audit



This is EVERY BEE’s Emergency! (the Acorns have nothing to worry about)
Current students have a huge financial stake in outcome of this investigation.

Any fines levied against SCAD by the IRS might be raised through tuition increases and additional student fees.

All BEE paper-shredding volunteers are asked to report to Lai Wa Hall (after nightfall) Monday-Friday.

SCAD 2013 Compensation


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